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remember when i said i wasn’t mentally prepared for kagura’s death?

what i was really not prepare was KIKYO’S DEATH


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Can you please not delete this blog? Isn't it better to leave it on permanent hiatus and leave all the posts in tact for people to reblog? It would be a waste to let such a quality blog disappear!

Aw thank you so much.

ACTUALLY i was thinking that maybe i should add members to this blog, this is a sideblog so this blog can be runned by many people, but who would like to?

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Artist: 妖魔妹子

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Hello, I run a Inuyasha blog as well, I saw your post and was wondering why you're deleting it? :( I honestly love your blog!

Hi :)

What blog do you run?

Well, i’m one of those that think that if you’re gonna have a blog but you will not be updating it you should not have it, and, as i say in the post, i will be working and studying probably all of the time and i won’t be a able to spend time making stuff on photoshop and so i decided that i either delete it or give it away.
I wish i could do everything, you know, but lately it’s been difficult for me to even watch the anime so yeah, i think is the best for me to do. Sadly :(

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p-curly replied to your post: SAD NEWS! :(

do you really have to delete it? Couldn’t you just call it a permanent hiatus and leave the blog up for people to continue reblogging from? I’d really hate to see all these posts disappear!

If i delete it the post won’t disappear. They will be all over tumblr but you won’t be able to reblog it directly from this blog.
But i think i could find a theme and created tags to organize the post so people can check them out easily.

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I’m really sorry to say this but I’m deleting this blog soon.

It makes me sad to do it because I really enjoy publishing gifs and stuffs but I really can’t be running this blog, I will start college soon and I’m also looking for a job.

BUT I’m giving this blog to you if you want it and you know how to make stuffs on photoshop so please send me a message if you want it.
Send me links to your gifs or stuff that you have created and OF COURSE you have to be an Inuyasha Fan.
I’ll be glad to give it to someone because then all my work won’t be in vain and it will still be useful.

If no one wants this blog I will delete it in 3 days.

I’m sad but I gotta do it


In case you’re wondering how many followers this blog has and all of that:

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Kagura Screencaps → Episode 43 「ついに折れた鉄砕牙!」

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